“The World Economic Forum’s Future of Jobs study predicts that 5 million jobs will be lost before 2020 as artificial intelligence, robotics, nanotechnology and other socio-economic factors replace the need for human workers.”

“The good news is that those same technological advances will also create 2.1 million new jobs.But the manual and clerical workers who find themselves out of work are unlikely to have the required skills to compete for the new role.” - World Economic Forum , 2016

According to Brookings Institution, science, technology, engineering, or mathematics (STEM) education will help Africa to realize the potential productivity gains from the 4th industrial revolution’s new technologies. Some of these technologies are: Robotics, IoT , Coding, Drone technology and so on.

Raoatech ( the company that owns Schoolkia) offers blended training (both physical and online-based) on :


IoT ,


Drone technology,

Data Science,

Machine Learning/Pattern Recognition and so on.

We have over 6 years experience in STEM education and we train average of 400 African youths on weekly basis in Lagos, Nigeria on Robotics,Coding and IoT